Engine Rebuilds and Reconditioning

Here at A&T Automotive, we like to pride ourselves on our quality of work and attention to detail. So you can rest assured if you’re looking for somewhere to rebuild your failed engine or recondition one that’s just a bit tired, look no further.

Every engine rebuild or recondition includes the following, removal and installation from the vehicle, complete strip down and thorough clean. We will carry out a compression test if possible before and after, the head will be completely stripped, valve guides and seats checked for wear, valves inspected and re-lapped. If the valves seats are badly worn we will recut the valve seat.

The bottom end will be thoroughly checked too, cylinder walls checked and honed if needed. We will measure for roundness and to make sure they don’t have any runout. The pistons will be measure to check for roundness, and will be put in an ultrasonic cleaner along with the connecting rods to be thoroughly cleaned and inspected after.

Both the cylinder head and the deck of the block (the mating surfaces) will be checked for any warping or distortion, they will be refaced if needed.

Every standard rebuild or recondition will include the following parts,

  • Head gasket set (including all gaskets for the head)

  • Head bolts

  • Bottom end gasket set

  • Big end bearings (connecting rods)

  • Main bearing set (crankshaft)

  • Thrust washer (for crankshaft end float)

  • Piston ring set

  • Full-service kit

  • New timing belt kit/timing chain kit

  • Auxiliary drive belt

All petrol injectors will be removed, flow tested, cleaned and then flow tested again to ensure they are within specification, all work carried out in house. Diesel injectors can be sent away to be tested at the customer’s request.

We can balance the pistons and connecting rods if needed for extra cost.

Any other parts needed, we will be in contact with a quote to get the extra parts replaced. It really will look and run like a brand new engine afterwards. So, if you’ve got a tired engine or has your timing belt/timing chain broken? Get in contact today and see how we can help.

For a standard rebuild/recondition on a 4-cylinder petrol engine will be £2400.00 including all parts, labour and VAT.
For a standard rebuild/recondition on a 4-cylinder diesel engine will be £3000.00 including all parts, labour and VAT.

For any special requests or any more information please fill out the enquiry form on this page and we will be in touch.